Deep Grooves in New Vinyl

If you haven’t heard the music coming out on new vinyl, then you are missing a true audio experience! Records on new vinyl are twice as thick as old vinyl, weighing around 180-200 grams. You’ll have fewer songs per side (usually), and the grooves are deeper, allowing a more true-to-life analog listening experience. They should last longer, too, providing more hours of listening enjoyment than the thin, floppy records of the past.

As for artists that sound best on new vinyl, those playing softer, more acoustic music may be preferred (like Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes, etc.). However, every once in a while you’ll think an artist will sound good and be disappointed, as with the Of Monsters and Men album. Then there are bands that use a lot of distortion, such as the Black Keys, where the vinyl treatment doesn’t seem to work.

The best reissues in new vinyl are the Beatles albums and anything reissued in recent years by Jimi Hendrix. These sound far better than the compact discs or mp3 downloads.

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