Led Zeppelin and Rush – Whole Lotta Vinyl Love

You gotta love it when two masters of classic rock release new vinyl versions of their catalog in the same year.

Led Zeppelin just completed releasing its entire catalog on 180-gram vinyl albums with extra rarities on companion discs. The pounding of John Bonham’s drums and the thumping of John Paul Jones’ melodic bass lines have never sounded better. Guitarist Jimmy Page oversaw the production of the new re-masters, and he compiled the accompanying rarities as well.

Some may question the necessity of some of these extra tracks, since many are similar alternate versions or instrumental backing tracks (minus Robert Plant’s vocals). The true gems can be found on Coda, which contains rarities from the seminal ’68-’72 band, including the non-LP b-side “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do.”

Rush has been celebrating its 40th anniversary by releasing one 200-gram vinyl album each month. Each album includes a direct-metal master (DMM) download that captures the analog essence of every Geddy Lee scream and Alex Lifeson riff. Not only is this an opportunity to enjoy classics like Moving Pictures on vinyl again, but it’s also a chance to gain a new appreciation of earlier works like Caress of Steel and Hemispheres.

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