Chuck Berry Is On Top…Again!

Chuck Berry

“Hail, hail, rock and roll…” Chuck Berry is back on vinyl with a host of rockin’ reissues sure to get you reeling.  Finally released on quality 180-gram vinyl are his first four classic ‘50s albums After School Session, One Dozen Berrys, Berry Is On Top and Rockin’ at the Hops.  Previously released as a German import only, these records on the Wax Time label feature Direct Metal Mastering (DMM), historical liner notes and rollback pricing (around $15 each).

Some of these records (like Berry Is On Top) play like greatest hits albums, while others show Berry stretching out on several instrumentals.  Each album includes a number of bonus tracks, mostly singles and b-sides from the same time period left off of the original discs.  And for the first time, we get liner notes on the musicians who played on each track!

I’m a long-time collector of Chuck Berry’s original albums, so “oh, what a thrill” it is to finally have fresh, quality vinyl versions of these records again.

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